Family Medicine

We provide all round, holistic and comprehensive care for you and your family members.

Nuffield Medical is a fully equipped family medicine clinic licensed to provide acute and chronic medical care services, as well as minor surgical procedures, together with facilities for in-house testing. We also offer a wide range of diagnostic laboratory and radiological investigations with a quick turn-around time for fast results and quality assurance.

Nuffield Medical provides a comprehensive range of general family practice, aesthetics, lifestyle, travel and sexual health services.

Childhood vaccination program

Childhood Vaccination Program is a recommended schedule for healthy newborns in Singapore, up until they are 18 months old. Each vaccine is most effective when taken at an optimal age.

This program helps to keep track of your child’s vaccination records and provide reminders to ensure that your child is efficiently vaccinated.

Common vaccines

  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Seasonal Influenza (Flu) – Fluarix Tetra
  • Chicken Pox
  • Shingles
  • Salmonella (Typhoid)
  • Meningitis
  • Yellow Fever
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) (Gardasil9)
  • Pneumonia (Covers 5 to 11 strains of pneumonia)
  • Rabies

Health screening and check-ups

  • general and preventive health screening
  • executive health screening
  • pre-marital screening
  • assessment of personal, lifestyle and family risk factors
  • provision of appropriate medical, lifestyle and dietary advice

Statutory examinations and assessments

  • pre-employment and periodic work assessment
  • pre-insurance examinations
  • Maid/domestic worker/foreign worker examination
  • Long Term Visit Pass
  • Permanent Residency Applications
  • Work Permit / Employment Pass Applications
  • Driving Licence Certification
  • Vocational Licence Applications
  • Fitness for participation certification for overseas school trips and Outward Bound School courses
  • Lasting Power of Attorney – Approved Certificate Issuer under Office of Public Guardian

Minor procedures and surgeries

  • stitching of minor cuts and lacerations
  • post- operative wound dressings
  • removal of lumps and bumps
  • removal of fishbones and other foreign bodies
  • child and adult ear syringing
  • joint aspirations and injections
  • liquid nitrogen cryotherapy
  • intramuscular injections for antibiotics, contraceptive and fertility treatments

Infants and Children

  • mandatory and routine vaccinations
  • childhood asthma & chronic cough
  • nebulisations and suction
  • skin and nose allergies
  • general developmental assessment
  • appetite & nutrition advice

Women’s Health

  • family planning counseling and advice
  • regular and emergency contraception
  • pregnancy tests & follow-ups
  • menstrual pain and irregularities
  • menopause counseling & management
  • PAP smears and HPV DNA testing
  • vaccination for human papillomavirus against cervical cancer and genital warts
  • female sexual health counseling and management

Lifestyle & Travel

  • smoking cessation
  • weight management
  • travel advice and vaccinations
  • hormone profile testing
  • allergen profile testing

Skin & Dermatology

  • pimples and acne
  • skin eczema and allergies

A detailed layout of the Childhood Vaccination Program.

Adjustment of the package can be done if your child is born outside of Singapore.

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