About Us

Nuffield Medical Singapore is a family medicine practice clinic located in Siglap and Orchard.

Nuffield Medical is a family medicine practice with two clinics in Singapore. Situated in Siglap (East Coast) and Orchard, we offer comprehensive and quality primary healthcare services for patients of all ages including infants, children, adults and seniors. We are a multi-disciplinary medical and STD clinic in Singapore providing general medical services, STD / HIV screening services, men’s health, women’ health and health screening services.

As a primary care family clinic, we are committed to providing responsive care for acute medical conditions and long term management and follow-up for chronic diseases and medical conditions. In addition, our clinic is focused on providing quality care in other health aspects such as:

STD / HIV Health

for a risk-free and worry-free sexual disease status, whether single or married and get tested and screened for STD / STI and HIV as well as STD / HIV prevention

Sexual Health

for a fulfilling and gratifying sexual lifestyle and experience

Men’s Health

for graceful ageing and for management of specific male medical and sexual problems

Women’s Health

for management of specific female medical and sexual problems

Travel Health Advice

for a safe and healthy travel experience

Skin & Dermatology

for clear, youthful, acne-free skin

Childhood Vaccinations

Chronic Disease Management

General Ailments